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11.04.19 /

What does your event say about you?

As we approach Earth Day on 22nd April, Genie is providing some suggestions as to how to plan and produce a sustainable event without damaging the environment.  At the same time as protecting species, coinciding with year’s themed campaign.

We all recognise that consumers buy services and products based on brand values including morals, values, beliefs and social issues. Therefore, those brands wishing to engage with their customers or showcase their brand via an event should consider the values they are projecting. Creating an immersive experience should start with the question what does this event say about the business.

During the planning stages of your next event, you should consider social and environmental issues related to every aspect and this can include the diversity of the speakers, the journey of the food from farm to fork as well as it’s health giving properties. In terms of location have you chosen a central location with good transport links to lower the carbon emissions?

The success of your next event could depend on creating that careful balance between executing the organisation’s vision with a clear underlying sustainability mission. Consider the company’s green policies and its role. It may be prudent to consider how to involve attendees in the process, will you share your choices and encourage their involvement? Ultimately, if your event is shared across social media platforms would you be proud of the resultant photos?

Start with a sustainable event policy working out the important issues and your organisation’s objectives. Consider an event is a window to a company’s soul and that you can shift the image of your brand with some simple decisions:

Save paper and send digital invitations
Avoid plastic and single-use items
Encourage recycling by using biodegradable and natural materials
Work with your caterer to minimise foot waste and think about dietary requirements
Think about working with local suppliers to lessen the carbon footprint
Think about how attendees will travel to your chosen venue

Saving the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth!