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15.01.18 / Opinion

Key Trends for 2019

Event planners will be all too familiar with the frequent challenge of how to impress savvy, well seasoned professionals targeted to attend their annual event. The key question is how do you create an experience that stands out, producing a truly memorable event?

Genie has identified the following key trends for 2019 which inevitably will help to create moments of discovery for each and every event attendee. This year we predict that there will be a greater focus on the experiences that evoke emotional responses.

Accepting the trend towards experiential events, the brands that choose to build-in multi-sensory adventures as part of the live experience are likely to better engage the audience and ultimately drive the commercial objectives.

Venues will also play a pivotal role during the experiential approach. By focusing on the area, the event manager can think about how to bring the brand to life using interactive spaces. Thought should be given to the critical components such as sound, lighting, visuals and in some cases aroma that can all contribute to the success of the occasion.

The theme which will often be driven by the originality of creative should also dove-tail into the marketing plan by enhancing the brand values. This can be achieved through the use of technology which we see as continuing to play large role in next year’s events. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and mixed reality will no doubt be part of the truly immersive corporate events.

2019 will also see the emergence of ‘greener’ events, we anticipate larger brands will look to incorporate their environmental policies as part of their customer experiences. On-site sustainability will become more prominent raising concerns about the potential additional costs and time. However, event managers should see this as a positive, the impact on the environment such as the increase in carbon is likely to go hand in hand with increased costs. Going green could be as simple as reviewing the food waste by introducing recycling on-event. The issue of CO2 emissions could be tackled by swapping single car use for a park ’n’ ride scheme. On a basic level the introduction of bio-degradable cups or reusable crockery, cutlery, glassware and tablecloths could really help with sustainability.

We believe that farm to fork catering will be another large trend for 2019. With more organisations considering their supply chains and the impact of food miles. Event planners should consider locally sourced ingredients that are seasonally produced, which not only helps to support the local economy, but transport costs are reduced minimising the carbon footprint. Another option to manage food stocks could be to ask delegates to pre-select their menu options ahead of the event.

Whatever direction the industry takes in terms of trends, Genie will be ahead of the game with its innovative, original approach to creative immersive events. The company’s agile approach means it can adapt to any Client brief, ensuring it meets all of the key objectives.

For more information and to find out how Genie can help you to make your next event truly memorable contact one of the team.